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Monument Care

Without regular care, nature will take a toll on any stone monument. Mosses, lichens, and molds can obscure names, dates and artwork. Over time dirt, grass clippings, leaves, tree sap, and animal droppings can stain a stone. If uncared for long enough, a monument can be permanently damaged. Proper care will allow a monument to retain its beauty for years to come.

Rates listed below apply to Antrim County, Kalkaska County and Otsego County west of I-75. An additional fee will be applied to monuments outside this area. Call for a quote. Monument cleaning is available from May - October.

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Monument Cleaning Kit

We recommend this kit for those who want to safely and effectively clean and preserve the beauty of a loved one's monument.

  • Pail

  • Headstone cleaning solution

  • Cleaning tools

  • Cleaning tips

  • $40

Annual Care Plan

  • 3 visits between May – October

  • First visit includes the services of a Single Cleaning.

  • Second & Third visit hand removal of encroaching grass & dirt, organic materials from base and monument.

  • Removal of faded or wilted flowers, broken or old memorial items

  • Before & After digital photos.

Genealogy Research

  • Monument Photography

  • Government Records Searches in Antrim or Kalkaska Counties

  • Library Records Searches in Antrim or Kalkaska Counties

  • $75/hour + cost of photocopies of relevant documents, printed photographs

Monument Cleaning Service

  • Hand cleaning of monument includes: removal of encroaching grass & dirt, organic materials from base and monument

  • Before & After digital photos

  • Trimming of trees and bushes at an additional cost, if allowed by cemetery regulations.

  • Pricing is based on monument size and amount of cleaning required.

Special Occasion Visits

  • Cemetery rules will be followed at all times.

  • We will happily place decorations for example: solar lights, floral arrangements, windchimes, etc

  • Before & After digital photos

  • $50/visit + item(s)

Monument Care

What Our Clients Say

Debbie Hart.jpg

Debbie Hart

Pastor Andrew had only known my mother for about 2 years when she died.  At her funeral service he spoke very personally of her for the family and those grieving her loss.  Andrew offered an accurate history of her personal life and in the church along with beautiful sentiments for all those who knew and loved her.  He honored my mother beautifully for being faithful and a life well lived.  Andrew was very well spoken and gave pertinent scripture and heartfelt prayer for us at her service.  He was very respectfully attentive and sensitive showing me and my daughters great comfort, hope and support along with being very friendly in greeting everyone who attended the service.  I can never thank him enough for being there for me in my sorrow and great time of need!
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