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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a monument cost? 
Several factors affect the cost of a monument.

1. Granite choice

2. Size

3. Shape

4. Finishes

5. Artwork Detail such as engraving or laser etching

6. Special Features: Veteran's Plaques
Photo Plaques
How soon will my stone arrive after ordering?
Delivery times can vary depending on the availability of different granites and the details you choose.

In stock stones and traditional shapes will likely arrive more quickly.

Andrew can provide you with a more accurate timeframe during your consulation.
Can we "pre" buy our cemetery monument? 

Much like pre-planning & pre-paying for your funeral, purchasing your cemetery monument before your passing can save your family from having to make all the arrangements and decisions related to your monument. Pre-buying also allows you to design every detail of your monument.

Click the camera below to learn more.
Who decides what our monument looks like?
You do. 

Andrew will work with you to develop a monument that fits your specific and per
sonal needs.

All design work will need your approval before any work begins. 
Can a monument be washed?

In short, yes.

Even granite is porous and must be treated with care to ensure accidental damage does not result from cleaning.

Gently, hand washing with a stone-safe solution is recommended.


What tools do you recommend for cleaning?

As with washing, it is necessary to be cautious about the tools you use to prevent accidental damage.

We recommend using a fine, soft bristled brush and bamboo skewers. Gentle use of a new plastic putty knife may be helpful.  

How often do you recommend cleaning?

Monuments should only be handwashed when moss or lichens are growing on the monument or to remove animal waste.

With proper care, monuments should not require washing more frequently than every few years.

When do you recommend cleaning?

Handwashing of monuments should only happen during summer months.

Frequently keeping a monument free of dirt and organic material is the best prevention against growth of moss and lichens.

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