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Our Services

Do you need someone to officiate your loved one's service? Andrew has walked with families as they say goodbye under a variety of circumstances. And though he cannot take away the pain entirely, his goal is to bring your family comfort, honor your loved one and honor God.

Funeral/Memorial Service

  • Face-to-Face planning meeting with Andrew (1-2 hours)

  • Personalized service coordinated with funeral home

  • Same-day interment service (optional) at no additional cost

  • $200 in Antrim & Kalkaska Counties milage added outside Antrim & Kalkaska counties

Interment Service

  • In some circumstances, burial may take place well after the funeral. Andrew can lead your family in remembering and offer words of comfort and hope.

  • Face-to-face planning meeting with Andrew (1-2 hours)

  • Personalized graveside service

  • $100 in Antrim & Kalkaska Counties milage added outside Antrim & Kalkaska counties

What Our Clients Say

Debbie Hart.jpg

Debbie Hart

Pastor Andrew had only known my mother for about 2 years when she died.  At her funeral service he spoke very personally of her for the family and those grieving her loss.  Andrew offered an accurate history of her personal life and in the church along with beautiful sentiments for all those who knew and loved her.  He honored my mother beautifully for being faithful and a life well lived.  Andrew was very well spoken and gave pertinent scripture and heartfelt prayer for us at her service.  He was very respectfully attentive and sensitive showing me and my daughters great comfort, hope and support along with being very friendly in greeting everyone who attended the service.  I can never thank him enough for being there for me in my sorrow and great time of need!
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